It’s already happening: Huawei could beat Apple’s smartphone shipment numbers this very quarter

There are two different so-called duopolies dictating the evolution of the global smartphone market right now, according to each and every recent report compiled by the many reputable research firms around.

But while Microsoft’s scattered Windows Mobile efforts have failed to threaten the platform domination of Android and iOS, a whole slew of ambitious Chinese OEMs is chipping away at Samsung and Apple’s shared vendor prevalence everywhere from India to Europe and, yes, even the US.

Thanks to a diverse portfolio of low, mid and high-end devices covering almost every price bracket comprehensively, the industry’s number one manufacturer is probably in no danger of losing its worldwide crown anytime soon.

The silver medalist, meanwhile, insists on releasing just a few premium handsets a year sold at extravagant price points, a strategy that’s caused ongoing volume declines in the key markets of China and India over the past couple of years.

As such, although it sounded crazy back in November 2016, Huawei’s two-year plan of surpassing Apple in overall smartphone sales is already slowly taking shape. After their first ever month in second place, the makers of the P10 and Mate 9 could be looking at their first whole quarter of triumph over the world’s most profitable corporation.

This is still just an educated guess featured in a couple of speculative reports based on analyst predictions and general market trends. It seems that “high-end P- and M-series as well as more affordable Honor-branded models” are “gaining momentum”, unlike the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which continue to lose steam as the radically redesigned 8 draws near.

But Apple may not be able to ship an adequate number of new OLED iDevices by the end of September, thus making way for a Q3 2017 Huawei surge to the market’s second position. Obviously, Q4 would see the two switch back places, but even a temporary change in the status quo sounds momentous after such a long period of perfect stability at the peak of the charts.

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