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Huawei 7P specs on the table from China

By Jules Wang September 7, 2016, 6:14 pm

Okay, so Huawei is doing the Nexus again. We’ve been told that before and have been loathe to believe it given that the rumor pile stuck HTC with the two-phone Pixel job.

But Huawei still had a trademark on the “7P,” so, even if there was no fire, the smoke’s still up. And with Evan Blass passing along the idea of a Google-branded tablet in 2016, we might as well start talking specs, if only to get an idea of what we’re dealing with.

Huawei Blog out of Germany has compiled some figures from its sources in China and the very blurry, very doubtful picture we have so far seems plain and reasonable.

The 7P tablet will have a 7-inch display with a quad HD display. It will run on a Snapdragon 820 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. A rarity in tablets, a camera on the device will break above 8 megapixels in resolution and go to 13. It is unknown if the camera faces outward or inward and whether there’s a second one on the 7P.

Once again, all of this seems pretty safe for a 2016 tablet and while the purported screen size will continue to puzzle Google watchers, the company still has an interest in contracting a Nexus/Pixel tablet from a partner manufacturer. We’ll probably pick up more breadcrumbs along the way to October 4, fingered to be when all the Pixel devices will get their reveals.

Source: Huawei Blog (Google Translate)
Via: Phandroid

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