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Huawei has already sold 140 million smartphones in 2016, including 10 million P9s

By Adrian Diaconescu December 28, 2016, 8:25 am

Is Huawei crazy to gun for Apple’s first runner-up spot in global smartphone manufacturer standings by sales units just a couple of years down the line? Maybe not, as the world’s current number three in volume reportedly managed to achieve its ambitious 2016 goal with at least a few days to spare.

After shipping a then internal record-breaking 100 million handhelds in 2015 way before the year wrapped up, Huawei initially raised the new expectation bar to 120 mil, which was further elevated to 140M.

According to an unnamed company Vice President, the 140 million annual target has now been cleared, representing an increase of almost 40 percent from last year. And Huawei didn’t even score that coveted Google Pixel production contract, leaving the Nexus 6P without a direct sequel.

The accomplishment is all the more impressive considering both Samsung and Apple’s recent stagnation, and unlike other fellow China-based OEMs, Huawei owes its extraordinary progress to low-end, low-cost devices and pricey flagship models.

Flagships such as the P9 and P9 Plus, which joined hands for a combined sales tally of 6 million copies back in September, 9 mil last month, and apparently, 10M now before likely reaching 12 million near the end of their life cycle. Let’s not forget the Mate 8 either, said to have crossed 7 million unit shipments as the Mate 9 prepares to expand worldwide.

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