HTC’s sales plummet again; worst April results in 6 years

Even though HTC is very desperate for a turnaround, products like the HTC One M9 didn’t reach the goal of wowing reviews. We thought the market felt otherwise given HTC’s success in Q1 when compared to last year, but it seems that success was short lived. Figures for the company’s performance last month are now available, and they don’t paint a pretty picture.

HTC was able to gather just $439.95 million in sales, which is down a whopping 38.6% year-over-year, as last April reported $719.24 million. If compared to March, sales declined 32.26% after the company reported $652.44 million. Analysts are claiming that the low demand for the HTC One M9 is to blame, as only 4.75 million units were sold during April, a sharp decline from the 8 million HTC One M8 units sold during the same period last year.

The launch of the HTC One M9+ and HTC One E9+ may help stir some growth over the next coming months at least in Asia, but it’s hard to predict if there’s any plan for the company to regain some mindshare in the US and Europe. Analysts also mention that all the overheating complaints of the Snapdragon 810 could’ve even pulled carriers away from ordering good quantities of the HTC One M9, or even recommending it to consumers, though that’s a hard topic to verify.

Source: Taipei Times
Via: Phone Arena

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