HTC’s Button-Less Verizon Phone Caught in the Wild

A second handset from last week’s HTC leak has apparently appeared in the wild, with that button-less Verizon handset showing up on Chinese forum Mobile01 following the Desire HD-like model we saw this morning. While it’s possible this phone could have had its buttons photoshopped off or that they aren’t lit up in both the photo and the renders, it seems more likely that we’re looking at something genuine, when you consider how closely the picture matches that official HTC imagery.

htc buttonless duo

The back of the phone looks very similar to the Droid Incredible, with the main difference being the horizontal, and not vertical, orientation of the dual LED flash bulbs. It’s interesting that Verizon may have as many as three HTC devices on shelves — Thunderbolt, Merge, and this one — early this year, after many months of a Motorola-heavy portfolio. As far as this new model is concerned, innovative form factors are nice, but it’s what’s inside that case which really counts, so hopefully HTC has some competitive components packed in there.

Source: Mobile01

Via: MobileTechWorld

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