HTC’s Button-Less Phone Is Looking Very Real

We’ve managed to acquire a second render of the button-less HTC phone first revealed by Phandroid last week, though unlike the first image, this one is HTC- and not Verizon-branded. Based on the source of the document, we’re quite confident that this is original HTC artwork and not a Photoshop of the VZW render (although they were clearly based on the same master image).

While some skeptics are claiming that the first picture is simply a generic placeholder for future or unrecognized devices in sync software, we find it odd that HTC would go to the trouble of designing a completely new handset just for that purpose, and then branding it both generically and for at least one carrier. It also seems unlikely that there are capacitive buttons below the screen which aren’t lit up, as some folks are speculating, as that would completely go against every render and press photo HTC has ever released.

Unfortunately we don’t have any more details to share on this model other than the new render, although we imagine that MWC will bring more information, as things tend to get pretty leaky right before major trade show launches.

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