Yesterday we heard a new HTC codename for the first time: the Zara. The rumor out of China talked about both the Zara and the T6, which we’re looking forward to as the One Max. It talked a little about how Zara would be a plastic phone, in contrast to the metal T6, and while we had some guesses about this actually being a plastic-bodied HTC One, we were seriously hurting for details. Well, today we get might be a few new pieces to the puzzle, courtesy of tipster @evleaks.

Supposedly, in the US AT&T has its eyes on the T6/One Max, and Zara might end up on Sprint. For the Zara especially, we had a poor sense of its general development status, but if we’re already talking about carrier interest, that could suggest that things are quite far along.

We also get a new description of the Zara, and while we’d still love some hard specs, at least now we’re starting to see the larger picture of how this phone fits in to HTC’s lineup. According to @evleaks, Zara will be some sort of hybrid of a One and a Desire model. This new breed of Desire phones already show a number of One traits, so it will be interesting to see just which notes Zara hits. Stereo speakers, an UltraPixel camera, and a plastic body?

Source: @evleaks 1, 2, 3 (Twitter)

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