You surely remember MWC 2011 and HTC’s first attempt to produce an Android-powered tablet with the Flyer. We’ve heard rumors of a possible follow-up, an HTC Quattro leak (which didn’t show up this year after all) — and Puccini, then Vertex, and so on — a Flyer 2, and then everything got blurry when HTC killed its “tablet” links from its website.

According to a new reports, HTC might be planning on getting back in the tablet business, though with a different angle this time. The same people — those “familiar with the matter” — have tipped off Bloomberg that the Taiwanese manufacturer might consider Microsoft-powered tablets this time around. On paper there’s a 12-inch tablet as well as a seven-incher (the first running a Microsoft OS) that can make phone calls and they are allegedly a go for 2013, running Microsoft’s Windows RT.

If this comes as a surprise to you then go ahead and read about Nokia’s possible plans for a Windows RT-powered tablet. Whether there’s anything solid in these rumors is anyone’s guess but we’ll definitely know more at CES. …or MWC! At this moment both HTC and Microsoft declined to comment.

Source: Bloomberg

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