There’s a weird problem that’s been appearing on more and more HTC Windows Phone devices lately. While we’ve seen some reports of it that date back earlier, a whole new group started noticing its effects after installing the recent 7740 update. On affected phones, owners find that every time they reset their device, it comes back on with a new WiFi MAC address.

If randomized MAC addresses don’t sound like a big deal to you, then you can go right on not worrying, but if you connect to a WiFi network that registers MAC addresses and uses them as a component of its access system, you probably realize how big a pain this is. There’s a lot of guesswork going around right now, but it’s likely tied to the phone’s Internet Connection Sharing driver.

As of now, HTC hasn’t commented on the situation or indicated it’s working to change anything. Frankly, we have to wonder if the company didn’t intentionally introduce the feature, expecting it to act as some sort of security measure to increase user privacy; its behavior seems far too specific to be just some random bug.

Source: XDA-Developers

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