If you’ve never, ever taken a bathroom portrait photo for Facebook using your front-facing camera, then you most likely don’t own a Facebook account. The funny thing is that no OEM had ever considered using that camera for anything other than video calls for the last five years or so. The camera was there, but due to its terrible image quality, many of us preferred to dribble with a mirror in order to get the right shot.

HTC’s launch of their signature Windows Phone 8X and 8S are a different story. They decided to feature a wide-angle lens with F2.0 aperture on the 2.1 megapixel front-facing camera, and if you look at the photo we just featured in the post, you’ll understand this means a lot. A couple of HTC executives took the photo in order to share a sample of what we can expect from their new Windows Phones, and we’ll admit it does amaze. Surely you’ll stick to the 8 Megapixel camera at the back for the shots of the rest of the world, but it does seem that this is far more than a decent front-facing camera for your portrait shot needs. For those of us who struggle at keeping our big cheeks from blocking the other person on the photo, the wide-angle feature in the lens proves to be great at allowing as much as three people in the shot. The photo does seem a bit overexposed, which is a common trait of HTC cameras, if not over-saturated like the case of the HTC One X’s primary camera, but overall it does a better job than even some primary cameras we’ve reviewed on other smartphones when it comes to detail.

The Windows Phone 8X and 8S should land in stores this holiday season, so here’s a good reason to wait for them.

Via: WMPowerUser

Source: HTC Blog

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