HTC, in spite of recent upswings in revenue, isn’t in a very strong place, with sales in multiple segments of the market slowing over the course of years. When it came to Windows Phone 7, HTC was one of the bigger players around, but the arrival of Windows Phone 8 has seen the company’s presence very much diminished, dropping the 8X and 8S when the platform launched, and almost unceremoniously churning out the 8XT for Sprint this summer. Now rumors are suggesting this isn’t just a lull, and that HTC may be planning to further back away from Windows Phone going forward.

None of this appears to be based on any specific leak or statement from a company exec, and is attributed to anonymous industry sources. According to them, HTC is seeing the writing on wall that Nokia is going to be the dominant Windows Phone force going forward, and rather than fighting the smartphone battle on two fronts, it may be electing to focus its efforts on Android, instead, and simply let Nokia have WP8.

Frankly, it makes a good deal of sense, and has us wondering how HTC might have performed over these last couple years if it just ignored Windows Phone altogether. Of course, if this talk is true we might never see interesting-sounding models like the rumored WP8 version of the One, so we’re not quite sure what outcome to hope for.

Source: Digitimes
Via: phoneArena

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