Athletic apparel company Under Armour has been getting into the software and services game lately, and at CES this week, the company introduced its new UA Record app. The software acts as a hub for gathering data from fitness trackers, helping you analyze that info, and allowing you to connect with other users – really, it doesn’t sound too far off from the sort of fitness hubs we’ve seen already, even with UA promising broad hardware support. The more interesting news, though, might come from a partnership Under Armour has just announced, teaming up with HTC.

In a statement, HTC talks about its plans to create “a series of products” designed to work with UA Record. While the company doesn’t out and say “fitness band” nor “smartwatch,” you don’t have to read behind the lines too much to get the impression that’s what the manufacturer is getting at. Mention of HTC’s Connected Products unit further drives home the idea that we’re not just talking about a new phone.

So when might this new hardware arrive? Right now, that’s up in the air, and all the companies are saying is that the first UA Record-ready HTC product will launch “at a later date.” We assume that means sometime this year, at least. Whenever the day does come, we’ll just be happy to see HTC branching out into this wearables space.

Source: HTC

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