HTC Vive teardown reveals super-easy repairability, different hardware from Oculus Rift

HTC, in partnership with Valve, and Oculus, which is owned by Facebook and can also call Samsung a reliable ally, seem to be in a stalemate as they each try to take the lion’s share of early VR headset sales and profits.

Until not long ago, the Rift was at an advantage over the Vive, thanks to a stronger pre-existing fanbase and lower price, but the score has been evened by the former’s deeper manufacturing troubles and longer shipping delays.

The HTC Vive appears to be edging out the smartphone-pairing battle too, and according to the DIY experts from iFixit, it’s easier to repair than the first Oculus Rift consumer kit as well. That’s no easy feat, mind you, as the Rift itself totaled a cool 7 repairability points, which the Vive bumped up to a near-perfect 8 grade.

Most components come off with surprisingly little effort and only a few basic tools, making home replacement of faulty parts a walk in the park… if you can actually find spare chips and sensors. Speaking of, there are no less than 32 sensors inside the headgear alone, plus another 24 on board of the controller that greatly resembles the Steam’s commanding accessory under the hood.

The motherboard further contains a few dozen chips manufactured by companies as diverse as Toshiba, Micron, Texas Instruments, Cirrus Logic and SMSC, contributing to an intricate design that makes a service manual absolutely necessary before attempting any sort of home repairs.

It’s also worth pointing out that the HTC Vive strays from Oculus Rift’s beaten path in several execution departments, including head-tracking techniques, focus adjustment, and lens arrangement. More on that at the source link below, as the hardware differences are too complex and multi-layered to sum up in a couple of phrases.

For a few prospective buyers, they may even be crucial in deciding which way to go.

Source: iFixit

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