HTC Vive Pro pre-orders kick off at $799 for the HMD only, OG Vive gets discounted again

They say standalone VR headsets are the future of the budding industry, but early standout HTC doesn’t seem to agree, keeping the Vive Focus exclusive to China for the time being while significantly upgrading the original PC-connected Vive.

“Elevated in every way”, the HTC Vive Pro delivers “the best quality display and visual experience to the most discerning VR enthusiasts”… at a fitting price. Starting today, you can pre-order the second-gen head-mounted display around the world at a whopping $799, with shipments underway on April 5.

Unlike its predecessor, which currently includes a pair of wireless controllers, two base stations and earbuds in its standard retail package, the Vive Pro HMD will be delivered to its early adopters all by itself. Well, you obviously get a link box with a power adapter, DisplayPort cable, USB 3.0 cable and mounting pad, but you’ll need to use your existing controllers and base stations or buy separate accessories for a satisfying VR experience.

Speaking of the Vive OG, if you don’t want the “Pro” specs and features, we have some good news – the starting price has been dropped again, this time from $599 to $499, and yes, that’s for the “full kit” across “the globe.”

Back to the HTC Vive Pro, you should know free six-month trials to the Viveport Subscription service will be thrown in with purchases made by June 3. Redesigned to feature integrated “high-performance” headphones with a built-in amplifier, the ultra-high-end HMD is a massive 78 percent sharper than its already immersive forerunner, with dual OLED displays sporting a combined 2880 x 1600 pixel resolution.

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