The HTC Vive is one serious piece of kit, and in order to make the virtual reality experience it offers as compelling as can be, HTC will sell the visor with a powerful assortment of hardware. Beyond the headset itself, that means a pair of laser emitters to assist in head-tracking, as well as a pair of wireless controllers. And while that may all add up to one pretty nice spread, it’s clear from just listing all these components that HTC’s Vive package won’t come in cheap. As we look forward to the start of pre-orders, last tipped to begin right at the end of February, everyone who’s got the Vive on their radar has been talking pricing; we know that it will be expensive, but just how expensive are we talking? HTC’s remains coy on the issue, but now some new sources have an idea or two, and the figure they suggest is pretty steep, indeed.

A report coming out of Taiwan and attributed to foreign brokerages suggests that we’re looking at an HTC Vive price tag that will fall right around $1500.

With the Oculus Rift now up for pre-orders at about $600, that would place the Vive at well over twice as expensive as its biggest competitor. Granted, Oculus will ship without its own custom wireless controllers, which won’t go up for sale until later in 2016, but that’s still a pretty pronounced price difference.

Especially if interested users might need to go out and buy a new graphics card, to say nothing of a new PC, in order to get the most out of Vive, has HTC backed itself into a corner where only the most dedicated gamers and VR enthusiasts will be willing to make the financial commitment? Or is the response to the Vive just going to be that strong, and HTC won’t have any problem convincing shoppers to pay quite a bit more for a VR experience that Oculus can’t match?

Source: Focus Taiwan
Via: G for Games

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