HTC Vive can now push ‘essential notifications’ from iPhones too

The HTC Vive virtual reality headset seemed at a major disadvantage compared to the Oculus Rift when it went up for pre-orders a couple of months back. Not only was it a little late to the party, but its arch-rival started at a more palatable $600 price as well, and it had a huge Kickstarter fanbase.

Unfortunately for Oculus and fair competition in a fledgling scene that badly needs it in order to thrive, Rift deliveries are being plagued by key component shortages. Meanwhile, the Vive is itself backordered, but unless something bad and unanticipated happens, it should ship “around June” to even folks buying it today.

Unanimously praised by reviewers and early adopters, the HTC Vive is also the only VR device concerned with not just immersing the users into a new world, but keeping them connected to the real reality as well.

Enter a free-to-download, practical and straightforward companion app available for Androids since earlier this month, and iPhones now. What the aptly titled HTC Vive app does is sync up your iOS handheld to your headset and PC via Bluetooth, then push “essential notifications in the world of virtual reality.”

HTC Vive iOS app

You can be informed while VR gaming of incoming phone calls, text messages and calendar events without play interruption, and both on Android and iOS, you’re able to respond to a missed call, read texts and view calendar event details in your always accessible System Dashboard. Hardly groundbreaking stuff, but oftentimes, it’s the little things that make it easy to choose between largely similar products, like the Vive and Oculus Rift.

Source: iTunes

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