HTC Vive international pricing revealed in full just ahead of pre-order start

Alright, alright, alright, early virtual reality enthusiasts, it’s just about time to put your money where your mouths are. No, we’re afraid the Oculus Rift isn’t all of a sudden ready to ship sooner than July, but the arguably superior HTC Vive VR headset will be delivered around April 5 if you manage to get your pre-order in tomorrow, February 29, at 10 am Eastern time.

Don’t even think of procrastinating, as surely, commercial interest over the highly publicized HTC/Valve collaboration shall yield Rift-like backorders in no time. Besides, the fully polished, non-experimental Vive is slightly cheaper than expected, at least stateside.

It isn’t prohibitively priced “internationally” either, though as always, various taxes and premiums come into play. On British shores, for instance, HTC just announced the PC-compatible head-mounted display will cost £689, or $965.

Across the rest of the old continent, from Belgium to Denmark to France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Spain, the HTC Vive sets its first-wave adopters back €899, or $990. If you think that’s bad, it’s probably best to avoid settling into China, where the innovative and immersive device is priced at the rough equivalent of $1,055 (CNY 6,888).

Meanwhile, Canadians are expected to pay CAD 1,149 (USD $850), Australians 900 US bucks, and New Zealanders $950. Finally, the Taiwanese tag is weirdly way lower than the Chinese number, at NT$28,288 (US$850), and over in Japan, the head-worn gadget is a whopping-sounding 112,000 yens, which converts to around $990.

The good news to come of all this? You’re looking at three bundled games after all instead of only two, as Google’s Tilt Brush joins the previously reported Fantastic Contraption and Job Simulator. Too small of an incentive to seal the deal? You tell us.

Source: HTC Vive Blog

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