Potential ‘breakthrough’ spotted in HTC Vive FCC docs

Just because HTC is asking us to ease our excitement for an off-schedule release of its virtual reality offspring with partner Valve doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t get excited about seeing the cogs in motion. That said, the hardware doesn’t mean too much when everything’s a peripheral for your power-packed computer and has been in development for a long time. But does it have to be all strings attached? Could we see you break from them?

Software will likely be the real culprit of HTC’s success or failure based on this early turn of hardware into the FCC. We see four objects certified for wireless operations — those seem to be the controllers for both hands, the main control box and the head-mounted unit itself.

That last part poses a good sign, but not a sure one that we won’t have to worry about being tethered to our computers while being “in” the Vive. And that, indeed, would be a game changer. We’ll find out as we hit the floor at CES this year.

Check out the controllers that those FCC labels will fall upon, too! An image of them was published for a short time on HTC’s site. You’ll see them below.

Source: FCC (1, 2, 3, 4)
Via: Android And Me, HTC Source


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