HTC Ville C: One S With Older Processor And Newer Sense?

Back before we learned about HTC’s new One-series of Androids, we knew the One S by its codename, the HTC Ville. A new leak draws us back to that name, suggesting we could be seeing the manufacturer release a closely-related device now going by codename Ville C.

Just as we’d expect from the connection between their names, the Ville C’s supposed specs have a lot in common with One S hardware (above). It sticks with the same 4.3-inch qHD AMOLED display, gigabyte of RAM, eight-megapixel main camera, and 16GB of internal storage that we have on the One S. We’re even supposed to be dealing with the same capacity battery.

According to this leak, there are two main differences between the Ville C and the One S. First, this describes the phone’s processor as a Snapdragon MSM8260 – that’s a dual-core S3, rather than the MSM8260A S4 chip in the One S. The Ville C’s SoC is also supposed to be running at 1.7GHz. The source who provided the leak claims that that’s a typo, and should read 1.2GHz, but we’re suspicious. If that’s a typo, then couldn’t the missing “A” on the end of the processor be a typo, too? In that case, maybe what we’re looking at here is actually supposed to be the One S itself, and the “Ville C” business is being misinterpreted.

The other change is supposed to be the presence of a new version of HTC’s UI, bringing Sense up to 4.5. Again, that’s pretty odd, since we just got Sense 4.0, and that would be a pretty large jump to its decimal revision to be taking so soon.

Either this is going to be a slightly cheaper version of the One S (though probably not that much, with such similar hardware), or something weird’s going on here; we’ll withhold judgment until more info on the Ville C arrives.

Source: BriefMobile
Via: Unwired View

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