HTC uses iPhone 6 components in U12+ event teaser for a cheeky purpose

Was it a point made or was it lost on everyone who looked into HTC’s rabbit hole?

People have been discussing the Taiwanese brand’s teaser for a May 23 event in which it is expected to bring out the U12+.

But the image itself has been sitting in a negative light after Anandtech commenter noted that the image, which showed an array of smartphone components around the launch date, to be an iPhone 6 PCB. You can see the iFixit teardown of that phone here. Other commenters that replied to the original Twitter post also noted that there were four cameras tossed into the mix.

Well, if you’ve paid any attention to leaks of the U12+, you’ll know that leaks have shown the device to feature four cameras (two back and two front). And if you peered even further into the abyss, you’ll find other non-iPhone components laid into the puzzle. The company went and told CNET the following:

We’re glad people are studying our teaser so closely. The fact people have noticed parts from different phone models is exactly right – they represent the jumble of parts (specs) that our competitors inelegantly cram into their phones, while the space in the middle outlining HTC’s next phone represents ‘a phone that is more than the sum of its specs.’

To be clear, none of the parts illustrated in the teaser came from the phone we’re announcing May 23rd; people will have to tune in to that day to find out more…

It’s hard to tell where HTC was pointing its arrow at with this teaser. If it was for enthusiasts who would be able to tell logic boards apart, did the tagline go above their heads? If it’s for the regular consumer who couldn’t care less about the screws, slots and other stuff inside their phones, perhaps they wouldn’t be distracted from the message.

Guesswork aside, we’re 17 days out from launch.

Image: iFixit

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