Save the May 23 date for the official HTC U12+ announcement

You don’t have to “Imagine” how HTC’s next (and possibly last) flagship phone might look on the outside, and thanks to the Taiwanese company’s first official teaser and confirmation of a product launch later this month, there’s no need to wonder what’s on the inside either.

If you think about it, it’s a little surprising smartphone manufacturers don’t try to build anticipation for their big announcement events with advance teardowns more often. Especially when said picture of a handset’s innards is accompanied by a cool tagline like “a phone that is more than the sum of its specs.”

Unfortunately, the HTC U12+ might not be able to steal the limelight on May 23 with either “the sum of its specs” or some neat trick transcending the cold hard numbers and internal components of the oft-leaked 6-incher.

Even if the “frame less” handset were to go on sale immediately after the May 23 event in both Taiwan and the US, it would still be late to an ultra-high-end Android party dominated by the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+, as well as the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro… outside of the US.

Don’t get us wrong, the U12+ is expected to tick almost all of the right boxes to be taken seriously as a heavyweight contender. But so did the U11, and it still heavily underperformed at the global box office.

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