HTC U12 design could incorporate matte glass… in white

On most occasions, glass equals gloss. Glass is a fingerprint nightmare. More glass? More cracking. And yet, the ceaseless obsession over glass in the industrial design of smartphones keeps rolling on.

But HTC is rumored to be taking that glass and doing something different. HTC Source‘s Nick Gray reports from a trusted informer that while the company’s next flagship, the U12, will look somewhat similar to the U11 — slabs of smooth glass encasing a metal chassis — the Liquid Surface material concept may “evolve” into something different with a matte white finish.

Matte glass surfaces have rarely (if ever) been on smartphones and are usually reserved for tempered glass screen protectors. The matte treatment might dull the unique way the Liquid Surface design reflects light on more flashy colors like blue or red, so a white color could be the optimal test bed in this case.

Other bits of design language are retained here, including the fingerprint sensor at back and a dual-camera system — something that was on the U11+ or, considering only trunk releases, the One M8. It isn’t certain if the U12 will get a translucent version like the U11+ did.

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