HTC U11 vs LG G6: Companies Rebuilding Their Image (Video)

LG, which has never really had a stable financial position on its fairly decent phones, is recovering from a bad year with the G5. Apparently, a Magic Slot isn’t how you do modular accessories. And the sales for that phone show it.

HTC… well, it’s just clawing to zero. It’s been in a constant decline no matter how good or bad it does. The good news is that the U11 seems to be the best-performing phone for the company since the One M8.

This time around, both have eschewed the past in favor of some gloss, a bit of nip-tuck and a bit of squeezing. The LG G6 and HTC U11 both feature new sleeves and tricks — a 2:1 screen and a new pressure-based UI in particular.

But beyond the gimmicks that draw you into the “Add to Cart” button, but what about the actual “je ne sais quois” of the phones themselves? We’re talking actual day-to-day use, the camera products and everything above and beyond.

Juan Carlos Bagnell offers his take on this battle, the HTC U11 vs LG G6.

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