HTC U11 unboxing: A jam-packed experience (Video)

We know, we know, you’re dying to hear and especially see more of the HTC U11’s squeezy feature/gimmick in action to decide for yourselves if it’s worth the wait, the price and the Galaxy S8 snub.

But our in-depth review is still going to take a while, as we’ve only just managed to score a pre-release unit stored in another one of those epic HTC boxes. Although the U11 is $100 or even $150 cheaper than the $750 U Ultra, you get a similarly wide range of accessories and exclusive goodies at no additional costs.

We already knew about the premium USonic earbuds equipped with Active Noise Cancellation and the “ability to tune audio to your unique hearing”… as long as they’re connected to the HTC U11. But that’s merely the culmination of a refreshingly awesome unboxing experience, which also includes nice, special stuff like a Quick Charge 3.0 adapter, USB C to A cable (the phone, remember, comes with a Type-C 3.1 Gen 1 port), hard plastic-made protective case, and the obligatory company-branded shammy to help keep the glossy “liquid glass” 5.5-incher all clean and shiny.

At a first glance and feel, the U11 is obviously not for everyone, but there’s something about it that’s left a solid initial impression on our own Jaime Rivera. There’s much more to come though, and the first few days might be crucial.

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