HTC vaguely confirms worldwide Android Oreo updates for U11, U Ultra and 10 ahead

First came the excitement of previewing all the great new Android 8.0 features, performance improvements and system enhancements, then the surprise (not) of seeing the latest OS version labeled with the sweetest possible dessert name, and now it’s time for the long, painful wait.

In trying to make it better, Google’s mobile hardware-producing partners will often overpromise and underdeliver, which obviously only heightens frustration. It’s therefore probably smart to start with a small group of devices pledged to receive a major software update sans a very clear timeline.

Case in point, HTC’s vague assurance offered on Twitter yesterday of worldwide Android Oreo rollouts for the U11, U Ultra and last year’s 10 flagship. The “when” of the equation is totally absent, and of course, that’s merely a preliminary list of 8.0-capable phones, with “details & additional devices to be announced soon.”

Based on how the Taiwanese OEM has so far handled Nougat promotions, we’d expect at least the HTC U11 and U Ultra to score Oreo goodies by the end of the year. The HTC 10 could also get to leave platform build 7.0 behind within just a few months, but when it comes to other, older and/or humbler handsets, our optimism takes a drastic hit.

Remember, for instance, that the respectable mid-range Desire 10 Pro still runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and so does the U Play that saw daylight earlier this year.

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