That little outcrop of 360-degree cameras we’ve gone through the past couple of years might not have caught the regular consumer’s attention. Sure, there’s global global content circulating all over the place these days, but what’s that got to do with them shooting it? Why get what’s essentially a $300 dongle for that?

Maybe, just maybe, you can stick a 360-degree recording feature onto a phone and have it be just a tool in the jack’s toolbox. HTC may have that idea coming at us for the rumored U11 coming next Wednesday.

“360 real-life recording” is all we get for marketing, but from the animation going on and the person at the center holding their phone tight against their chest, we don’t have a clear idea of what’s going on. We suspect that video is being recorded — you can “record” a picture, but we have better words for that like “snap” and “take”.

There are a couple of other features teased like a pressure-based UI and maybe even water resistance, but we’ll learn more about the #BrilliantU on May 16 at 2am Eastern.

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