HTC cranks up buzz-building efforts for November 2 event, U11 Plus almost guaranteed

While HTC had already teased a mystery U-themed November 2 event domestically, it’s only yesterday that the Taiwanese company’s global Twitter account confirmed the international importance of… whatever’s coming in a couple of weeks.

There are no explicit hints as to the identity of the “new” U-branded device due out early next month, but you rarely see a smartphone manufacturer of HTC’s caliber ask the world to “save the date” for a mid-range announcement.

Hence, we can probably rule out the U11 Life, as well as the largely secretive and purely theoretical “Ocean Lite” and “Ocean Harmony.” The HTC U11 Plus, meanwhile, has been the protagonist of a cavalcade of rumors and leaks lately, and since we appear to know everything about the U11’s big brother, you have to assume its official launch is right around the corner.

Bottom line, the timing and the build-up fit, even though technically, yesterday’s Twitter teaser merely confirmed HTC is “bringing something new for the #BrilliantU.” The wording suggests it could even be a new feature or some added functionality for existing U devices or their headlining Edge Sense technology.

But again, it wouldn’t make sense to hype up something other than a new flagship phone with a large 2:1 display, thin bezels, up to 6GB RAM, and a 4,000mAh battery.

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