HTC U11 Plus bears obvious resemblance to U11 in leaked renders, but differences are crucial

A couple of pre-release benchmarks emerged yesterday pertaining to a cryptic HTC 2Q4D1 device that we immediately connected to rampant speculation of an impending U11 Plus flagship.

The “confirmed” specifications, while respectable for all intents and purposes, felt a little too similar to what the “regular” HTC U11 brought to the Android high-end table back in May. But we still expect relatively widespread availability of a 6GB RAM variant, and regardless of  your memory choice, you can count on this unannounced 6-incher packing a massive 4000mAh battery.

If that’s not enough to convince you the HTC U11 Plus is a mobile beast worth looking forward to, a big batch of factory CAD-based 3D renders today highlights the unquestionable beauty of this premium package.

Aesthetically, as well as internally, the U11 Plus will greatly resemble its 5.5-inch forerunner, but there are also a number of very important differences to consider. For starters, HTC no longer wants to swim against the current in terms of fingerprint reader placement, moving the biometric sensor to the back of the phone, located between a single main camera and large company logo.

Now, the rendered screen bezels of the HTC U11 Plus aren’t the world’s thinnest, but the Quad HD+ 2:1 6-incher is still purportedly shorter and narrower than the 5.7-inch U Ultra, as well as narrower than the 5.5-inch U11.

Meanwhile, that swanky, shiny blue paint job may not be representative of any commercial U11 Plus hues, but you can bet the farm on a repeat of the U11’s eye-catching 3D liquid glass surface. Unfortunately, we’re also looking at a repeat of the no-headphone jack setup. Oh, well, you can’t have it all.

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