HTC U11+ goes on sale in India at around $885 as Flipkart exclusive

More and more smartphone manufacturers have started to prioritize India over the US since the former surpassed the latter to become the world’s second-largest market. In the past couple of months alone, we’ve seen Flipkart discount the popular Pixel 2 like no American retailer, the LG V30+ launched in India at a very reasonable price, as well as a beefed-up Moto X4 variant with 6GB RAM exclusively available around those parts.

Let’s not forget about the two regional rounds of OnePlus 5T Star Wars Limited Edition sales, or the Lava Red flavor that expanded from China to India before ultimately reaching the old continent and North America.

It’s safe to say the country is getting preferential treatment these days from a number of high-profile Android OEMs, including HTC. The Taiwanese company’s latest flagship handset has been up for grabs in select Asian and European markets for a while, but there are no plans for a US release.

Meanwhile, Flipkart has just kicked off exclusive local sales of the HTC U11+ at Rs. 56,990. That roughly equates to $885, which is a pretty big chunk of change, but then again, the “regular” U11 started at 54,000 rupees ($840 or so) in a 6GB RAM/128GB ROM configuration.

The U11 Plus comes with the same memory and storage counts, but also a larger 6-inch Quad HD+ screen squeezed into a decently compact body, heftier 3930 mAh battery, improved IP68 water resistance, and pre-loaded Android 8.0 Oreo. The single rear-facing camera is still great, the Snapdragon 835 processor a total beast, and Edge Sense functionality provides a “more intuitive than ever” user experience. Alas, the HTC U11+ is only available in India in “Amazing Silver”, with no words of Translucent Black sales around the corner.

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