HTC U11 performance is best in May for AnTuTu, topping iPhone 7 Plus

Every benchmark is its own beast. They have their own formulas and algorithms to crunch and each have their purposes for the right audience. In most cases, it’s usually the iPhone that comes in on top.

AnTuTu, which is one of the more controversial programs out there, tends to put out more numbers — literally, six-digit scores compared to three or four — comprised of nebulous metrics, some accuse. But it does offer a different perspective of what’s “best” of the best.

And the team behind the app has updated its top performing devices list for the month of May. Guess which device won? Why, the iPhone 7 Plus, of course… right after the HTC U11. The bog standard model, too, with 4GB of RAM.

And it was a runaway winner, too, with a whopping 3.3 percent lead ahead of the rest of the top five overall devices — that includes the Mi 6, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in that order. The iPhone 7 came in sixth place.

Each device had at least 1,000 test runs on AnTuTu before they were codified into the results. You should also lend some doubt to benchmarks in general as manufacturers will tend to game their way to beefier figures wherever the can. The company itself speculated that iOS 10.3 put a leash on single-core performance and the user experience smoothness.

Of course, we’ve yet to pull scores for the Apple A10X Fusion chip on the new-generation iPad Pro tablets, so this victory may last all of those 31 days of May. But the fact of the matter is that while other Snapdragon 835 phones and the Apple A10 Fusion chip can do extremely well, it seems that the U11 represents what HTC has done to butter its toast. And it’s noticeable.

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