HTC ‘Harmony’ tipped to be marketed under U11 EYEs brand, but what might that entail?

Focused on turning a profit rather than selling a boatload of phones with razor-thin margins, HTC tightened up its mobile product portfolio, but once again missed all financial targets this year.

Still, the Taiwanese makers of the world’s first Android handset are not looking to throw in the towel, planning five or six own-brand 2018 releases in addition to helping Google shape up the next pocket-sized Pixel generation.

It’s unclear if that number includes a handset rumored under the Ocean Harmony codename a while back, which legendary leaker Evan Blass just “confirmed” on Twitter as the upcoming HTC U11 EYEs.

Unless that’s a (random) prank, HTC is expected to revive all of a sudden a (sub) brand from 2014. A not very popular one too, attached as a suffix to confusing derivations of Desire and One M8 devices.

Needless to stress we have no idea how the U11 EYEs, Desire Eye and One M8 Eye could possibly be connected, although the latter two were largely focused on providing unique camera features and a special photography-taking experience.

Thus, one might reasonably predict a dual camera HTC arrangement comeback on this bizarrely named U11 EYEs. That’s merely an assumption, and we don’t even know if the new phone is set to see daylight this month, as previously speculated, or early next year. Maybe at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas?

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