HTC brings U11 with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage to the US, U Ultra and 10 on sale for limited time

At long last, tech media darling HTC looks just about ready to stage a commercial and creative comeback, thanks mainly to the “squeezable” U11, despite the occasional ad-related and free-swag-for-positive-reviews controversy.

But it’s still a dog-eat-dog high-end Android smartphone world out there, and the only way to combat Samsung and LG’s frequent flagship promotions is obviously for the Taiwanese OEM to discount its hero devices as well. Both past and present.

Enter the Summer Sunset Sale, available on until August 7 at 8:59PM PDT, while supplies last. There are three marked-down items to choose from, starting with the not-so-compelling $220 UA HealthBox, “normally” priced at $400 but routinely sold for considerably less.

You might be a lot more tempted by a $499 HTC U Ultra or $399 HTC 10, both of which are officially cheaper than ever before. Technically, they provide savings of $250 and $300 respectively, although obviously, their $749 and $699 MSRPs have been in free fall over the last few months.

Meanwhile, it’s not a deal per se, but the sizzling hot HTC U11 now comes in a 6GB RAM/128GB ROM configuration stateside in addition to the “entry-level” 4/64 gig SKU. You can pre-order the specced-out Snapdragon 835-powered 5.5-incher for August delivery in Amazing Silver only at the moment, in exchange for $729 or, if you use the AMAZINGU11 coupon code right now, a measly $679.

Perhaps “measly” is a bit of a stretch, but considering all you’re getting, a sub-$700 price almost feels like the best possible “Summer Sunset” bargain. Full GSM and CDMA support included, with no network restrictions.

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