HTC U Ultra getting you down? It’s getting the company down, too

In Taiwan, publicly-traded companies disclose monthly revenue figures in addition to the typical quarterly and annual reports to give investors and consumers a better idea about how they are performing. It’s partly the reason why we’ve been able to see and talk about the slide of HTC’s finances for so many years.

And yet, you’d think that with a couple of mediocre gap-filling phones, the smartphone maker would continue suffering as badly as you’ve been reading. Well, there’s a superficial defiance going on in this month’s net, but the trend is clearly seen in the background.

First, the raw numbers: the company made about NT$5.2 billion (US$170 million) in March, a gain of 11.3 percent from February and an annual bump of 25.4 percent. It wrapped the first quarter of the year with gross of NT$14.53 billion, a two percent negative compare.

The widely-panned U Ultra and U Play started shipping to consumers late in February. The company was able to begin counting revenue for US-bought units in March. If we’re to pit this past month against June, the month following the HTC 10 launch last year, we’d be talking about an 18 percent drop.

Of course, we might be getting a better one-on-one with the highly speculative Ocean phone coming sometime in the summer.

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