HTC U (Ocean) supposedly includes Edge Sense, may be part of Sense Touch UI

Just because HTC isn’t at the show with an official blockbuster development doesn’t mean that the company can’t make news at MWC 2017. But a turtle doesn’t get on top of a fence post on its own.

Some software information snapshots have come out of Upleaks on Weibo along with speculation of specifications for the main HTC U device that’s also been called “Ocean.” The specs spec? Simple: a Snapdragon 835 with at least a 4GB RAM/64GB flash configuration (the potential for 6GB of RAM is in there), a 5.5-inch screen and Android 7.1.1.

The important and interesting bit coming out of this, if there’s anything important and interesting about it, is that the feature we’ve seen leaked for this pseudo-unicorn of a device may be called “Edge Sense“. Don’t remember what we’re talking about? We’ve got a video for that:

The feature would take advantage of capacitive pads on the sides of the device for special user interface elements to scroll through. It is now believed that Edge Sense will be one of several definitive characteristics of what will be the overall package of Sense Touch UI.

Of course, the hope is that we get word of what’s going down with the device soon as word is that HTC will probably reveal the Ocean to the public in April.

While the screenshots — gone from Weibo and archived on mobile01 — may seem dubious, there is apparently some sort of support just from a tweet by another reputable leaks reporter, Evan Blass. Of course, just as retweets don’t count as endorsements for most people, we shouldn’t take anything explicitly from this association.

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