‘Brilliant’ HTC U flagship phone with Edge Sense confirmed for May 16 announcement

Who’s ready to “Squeeze for the Brilliant U”? That’s hardly the most inspired launch event tagline HTC could have devised to hype up the apparent May 16 announcement of the otherwise exciting “Ocean.”

But it’s still nice to know for sure the non-Ultra HTC U flagship phone isn’t very far off. Some might even consider next month’s “squeezable” product introduction premature, seeing as how the U Ultra barely went on sale stateside last month.

The thing is that glossy “new” giant is already obsolete compared to the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+, with HTC clearly not in a position to wait and see if its badly timed 5.7-incher can ultimately catch on, perhaps after a bunch of discounts.

Enter this groundbreaking “Ocean” concept that, as it turns out, is very much real, coming soon to a store near you with a truly novel-sounding UI. Courtesy of something called Edge Sense technology, the HTC U will likely allow you to squeeze its left and right sides to magically control a number of customizable actions.

Other gestures may get frame-embedded sensors to pull various unique tricks, and on top of it all, we’re pretty certain every “standard” ultra-high-end feature will be offered to make up for the Taiwanese company’s past compromises. Snapdragon 835 processing power, up to 6GB RAM, a 5.5-inch Quad HD screen, some degree of water resistance, BoomSound enhancements, the whole shebang.

Save the May 16 date, everybody, and expect a live streamed affair at 2 am New York time, 7 am in London, and 2 pm in Taipei.

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