HTC Trophy on Verizon: First Press Shots

Like clockwork, here are the first press shots showing Verizon’s HTC Trophy (minus the “7”) from all angles. Shocked? You shouldn’t be: the heavy stream of leaks have made an imminent launch for this first VZW Windows Phone almost a lock; the latest date we’re hearing is May 12th, although it’s not clear if that’s the launch date or the ship date. At this point, it would seem to behoove all parties involved to push this NoDo-powered handset out the door as quickly as possible, as even rival CDMA carrier Sprint managing to stock its shelves with the HTC Arrive many weeks ago. Of note, we’re also expecting the Arrive / HTC 7 Pro to land on Big Red as the HTC Pro, but all signs point to that handset hitting shelves even later than Trophy. One more image located below.

htc trophy verizon big

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