HTC to Experiment with E-Ink and 3D Screens?

Cell phone screen technology hasn’t evolved tremendously in the last couple of years. By now, most screens are WVGA resolution (or higher than that, in the case of the iPhone 4), and they utilize AMOLED or LCD panels. But what about other screen technologies like 3D and E-Ink? Regarding the former, Sharp plans to bring a 3D smartphone display to market in 2011. Because smarpthones are inherently limited in the amount of information they can display on a screen at one time, the additional z-axis granted by a 3D display could allow for a big boost in productivity and usability.

HTC might also be looking at 3D screen technology, and also E-Ink. In a job posting dated 27 October for the position of Display and Camera Engineer, HTC mentions:

HTC is looking for a great Baseband Design Engineer to lead the integration and evaluation of new display and camera technologies for next-generation mobile devices. The successful candidate will have:

– Familiarity with multiple display technologies( TFT-LCD, PMOLED, AMOLED, E-ink, etc).

– Familiarity with 3D display and imaging technologies

Naturally, this isn’t much information, and job listings often need to be taken with a grain of salt. But in a rapidly evolving industry, it would make sense for HTC to explore the use of other display technologies. E-Ink screens utilize very little power, making them perfect as secondary displays to notify a user of the time, date, or whether he/she has a new email.

Source: HTC

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