A new collection of FCC certification documents just landed this afternoon, including a Windows Phone device from HTC. It’s marked as model number PI86100, which a cursory search reveals has popped-up in quite a few databases over the course of the fall, though it had yet to be associated with a particular model name. So, what are we looking at, here? The frequency support first tells the tale of a smartphone with AT&T 3G support, but after flipping through more of the FCC paperwork, it all falls together upon finally seeing proof of the phone’s LTE radio. HTC + Windows Phone + AT&T LTE has us thinking only one thing: the PI86100 is none other than the HTC Titan II.

We just saw the Titan II pop-up in a leaked AT&T roadmap, which claims the Windows Phone handset will arrive at the carrier on March 18, for $200 on-contract. We’re still waiting to find out how accurate those leaked dates are, but with this FCC certification out-of-the-way, there’s little reason to doubt the phone would be ready for sales in two months’ time.

titan ii fcc

titan ii fcc antennas

Source: FCC

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