HTC Spark ROM Leaked, Reveals Nondescript Image

One of the friendly folks over at XDA Developers has released a ROM claiming to be for the HTC Spark, a rumored Windows Phone 7 device. As you can clearly tell by the image generated when the flashing application is run, this model looks like…just about every single leaked HTC WP7 device we’ve seen so far. In fact, the only clue we have as to the Spark’s identity is a report in WMPoweruser that it and the HTC 7 Trophy are one and the same device. If that’s true, and the HD7 is the handset formerly known as Schubert, then we should theoretically only have one unknown Windows model to expect from HTC, if that claim of five model releases by year’s end holds true.

So is this final actor the HTC Mondrian, which may or may not be the same as the HTC Mozart, and also may or may not be the slider Engadget revealed as the T8788? With so much information coming at such a torrid pace, we’re going to go out on a limb and predict that this whole situation will be cleared up by this time next week. Please, rumor mill, don’t make us eat our words.

(via: XDA Developers)

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