Leaked HTC software update roadmap details Android L plans

HTC historically has not been good with software updates, neglecting updates for many phones and not meeting update deadlines, but it’s mostly changed its tune since the launch of the One M7. It has even committed to update the One M7 and One M8 to Android L promptly, and its Google Play edition models will also get the same love. A new leaked HTC software roadmap shows us that those devices aren’t the only ones rapidly getting the updates though, as others such as the Butterfly S and Desire 610 could also possibly get it as early as this year.

Before we hop on into Android L plans, let’s talk Android 4.4.3 / 4.4.4. There will be no more 4.4.3 releases, with all devices originally slated to get that update jumping to 4.4.4 instead. Speaking of 4.4.4, updates have allegedly been confirmed for a couple of phones. The One M8 and M7 could see it this July or August, with the M8 Dual SIM, One mini 2, and One E8 slated to receive it in August or September.

Moving on to Android L, all of HTC’s 2013 and 2014 smartphones should get it, though that will be finalized in September or October (as HTC is able to test the hardware requirements of the new OS). Check out the full timetable — as it allegedly stands at this point in time — in the last row of the image below.

htc update updates roadmap


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