Samsung, Sony, LG, ASUS, Motorola: a growing number of the big smartphone OEMs – or at least those with a toe in the Android pool – have been getting involved with smartwatches. But there’s one name almost conspicuously absent from that list; where’s HTC? We’ve known for a while now that the company has been open to the idea of making a smartwatch, and rumors have long talked about a model arriving sometime this year. Back in May, there was even specific talk of a launch that could happen right around this time of the year, in late August or early September, as well as mention of an “HTC One Wear” name. After this summer’s denial of a video leak, those rumors are now back in full force, describing a pair of HTC wearables.

First up we have a model with the designation WWY, described as a dust-and-water-resistant device with a 1.8-inch display. But rather than being a typical smartwatch, mention of an unusual 32 x 160 resolution instead points to this being much more in the line of the Gear Fit. Really, though, this sounds like a much lower-end activity tracker than the Fit, as not only is this screen nearly an order of magnitude lower-res than Samsung’s model, but this HTC band could get only a 100mAh battery.

In addition to the WWY, we also hear about HTC’s CWZ, which would be an Android Wear model. No descriptions of the hardware are offered, but rumors from earlier this year mentioned a circular display. Launch plans would bring this model to markets all around the world, and both this and the fitness tracker are said to arrive in September.

If that timeframe’s accurate, we just might hope to see HTC reveal this pair at IFA next week.

Source: Upleaks (Twitter) 1,2
Via: phoneArena

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