Tomorrow is almost sure to bring us announcements of new HTC hardware, what with its “double exposure” event on our calendar (and don’t forget to check back with us tomorrow afternoon for details of everything the company has to share), and while we’re expecting the firm to branch out into uncharted territory with products like that RE camera we’ve seen teased, there’s at least one thing we’re not particularly likely to get news of: an HTC smartwatch. While the idea of such a device goes back a while, recent rumors have been all over the place, first saying that multiple models were incoming, before indicating that any such plans had been canceled, and finally leaving us with the rumor that an HTC smartwatch could still happen, but maybe not until next year. Where, in all this mess, does the truth lie? Today we finally get an official statement on the matter, as multiple HTC execs discuss the company’s plans for wearables.

Apparently there was good reason for those rumors to suggest that a smartwatch was incoming, as HTC verifies that it was working to have a wearable out by now. Ultimately, the company decided that its effort just wasn’t quite ready to go live. The current plan is for HTC to hold off on any wearable announcement until next year.

While it’s nice to know that HTC is still interested in delivering a wearable at some point, we worry a little that it’s singing the very same tune it did nearly a year ago: HTC Creative Labs head Drew Bamford’s comment that “we want to make sure the product has a strong point of view and there is a really compelling reason to strap it on your wrist” sure reads a lot like Peter Chou’s old opinion that an HTC smartwatch “has to meet a need, otherwise it’s just a gimmick or a concept.” Was a whole year not enough time to figure that out?

Source: Re/code
Via: Android Central

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