Starting a new smartphone platform is one of the most difficult feats a company in the mobile space can endeavor to undertake. You need extensive resources, the best talent leading your efforts, and even then there’s no assurance of success. Just look at all the uncertainty surrounding Tizen, and if there’s anyone with the resources to accomplish something like this, it should be Samsung. The latest company to attempt launching its own platform may be underdog HTC, at least according to some new rumors published by The Wall Street Journal.

Before you start facepalming at word of HTC undertaking a major project like this, find comfort in the claim that this effort would be of limited scope; supposedly, HTC is developing a custom platform specifically for the Chinese market. Apparently, the desire for a system like this stems from within the Chinese government, hoping to encourage smartphone use while simultaneously distancing itself from Western software. There’s no indication that HTC has any interest in using a new OS on a global scale.

We also don’t know one very key detail: whether this HTC OS would be more of a home-baked system designed from the ground up, or if HTC would just take Android and fork it, creating its own side project.

Source: WSJ
Via: BGR

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