HTC share trading soon to be halted in Taiwan as acquisition speculation heats up

Rumors of some sort of a big HTC business move, be it a merger, smartphone market retirement, partial or total company sale, are nothing new, since the Taiwanese consumer electronics giant’s financial difficulties started years ago, deepening as time went by.

But not only is this gossip more plausible and specific than ever now, with domestic stock exchange confirmation of… something about to go down announced earlier today. Starting tomorrow, September 21, “trading in the shares of HTC Corporation and the securities underlying the company will be halted” for an unspecified time by the TWSE (Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation).

Basically, no one will be able to buy or sell HTC shares “pending the release of material information.” Said information most likely concerns a shift in ownership, though it’s still too early to deem Google anything more than a very strong candidate for this predictable acquisition.

Other technology titans with money to spare and either a mobile or VR hardware ambition could step in and steal the makers of the U11 handset and Vive headset from under the search giant’s nose.

After all, a similar 2011 takeover of a then more successful smartphone manufacturer didn’t end that well for Big G, as Lenovo subsequently paid just a fraction of Motorola’s initial $12.5 billion price.

HTC is currently valued at a much lower $1.9 billion, already helping Google produce the first-gen Pixel and Pixel XL phones, as well as the smaller Pixel 2, according to a ton of credible inside information.

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