HTC is not selling its headquarters to invest in Vive

HTC finds itself travelling a difficult road as it has its fingers in many pies. Of course, there’s the smartphone aspect that hasn’t been driving as many sales as the company needs it to. It’s struck up a partnership with Under Armour to smarten up fitness products, but the fruits of that labor are uncertain as of now and have only come after a long delay.

What about its Vive VR headset that it co-opted with Valve to develop? It’s also been pushed back, giving advantage to Oculus, not to mention all other competitors in the field. But money’s still tight on HTC’s side and this kind of work needs a lot of cash poured into it.

When HTC sold one of its facilities in northern Taiwan for $184.5 million just last month, there was speculation that the company would also sell its headquarters building as well. Next Magazine expanded on those rumors, claiming that the sale would go to fund further exploration into VR and AR gear.

Not the case, CEO Cher Wang said. Wang told reporters at CES that HTC will continue producing its premium smartphones and VR products in Taiwan.

The once-mighty company continues to fight off doom-and-gloom groundswell from critics and the media.

Source: Digitimes

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