HTC rumored for another 3 phones this year: Ocean Master, Ocean Lite, Ocean Harmony

One self-proclaimed HTC fanboy is pushing three new smartphones from the Taiwanese manufacturer by the end of this year — and none of them are the so-called U11 Life smartphone that’s been talked about in rumors.

Codenames mentioned by one “Corn Chen” refer back to the company’s favorite word of “Ocean.” The Ocean Master, Ocean Lite and Ocean Harmony are supposedly on the way between November and December.

The Ocean Master seems to be the late-year flagship while Ocean Lite and Ocean Harmony seem more likely to reflect a couple of mid-range Desire-series phones, even if they’re not going to be marketed by that brand. “Master” has been previously mentioned as potential devices earlier this year.

The 18-year-old is a member of the HTC Elevate community in China and is well-associated in the company’s social forums. We haven’t seen much of anything from this person before, though — keep that in mind as we go along the rest of 2017. We may get this source’s veracity addressed in the meantime.

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