Business is rarely good in the succeeding period of the holiday season for companies specialized in consumer hardware like smartphones or virtual reality headsets, but HTC only has its own products, release strategies and marketing failures to blame for record low January and February 2018 revenues.

After all, the (faltering) Taiwanese tech giant reported year-on-year declines in its proceeds for nine months last year, including six straight negative changes between July and December. The losing streak continues, actually getting worse than ever, as HTC managed to earn a measly NT$2.61 billion during the entire month of February 2018.

That’s the lowest result listed on the company’s investor-focused website, which contains financial information dating as far back as 2006. 2.61 billion Taiwanese Dollars roughly equates to 89 million, yes, million USD, representing a 23 percent month-on-month and massive 44 percent YoY drop.

This truly looks like rock bottom, meaning the only way to go now is up. Unless HTC decides to offload its smartphone-making division altogether. Vive VR devices, by the way, reportedly “remained steady” in February, with the upcoming Vive Pro expected to further boost the sales volume and profitability of that particular business.

HTC phones could also recover… a little in April, once the new high-end U12 sees daylight, although in the long run, you have to wonder if that effort is still worth it.

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