Even if your company is making the greatest smartphones the world has ever seen, success can hinge not on that killer hardware or innovative software, but on just how skillfully you manage to promote your handsets. The role marketing in the smartphone game has been getting increasing attention in recent years, with companies spending more money than ever on their efforts. For many, that can involve putting a celebrity face on their brand, like Windows Phone and Jessica Alba, BlackBerry and Alicia Keys, or more recently, Samsung and Jay-Z. Now HTC could be ready to follow in kind, with word that the manufacturer may have just signed actor Robert Downey Jr. for a two-year marketing deal.

While not official confirmed, Bloomberg reports learning of the deal from a pair of its sources, which is reportedly worth $12 million to Downey.

Only yesterday, we were talking about HTC’s plans for doubling-up on its marketing spending, and a big-name deal like this could be just what it had in mind.

It’s almost fitting for HTC to choose Downey for this project; the actor himself is enjoying a second wind of success in recent years, following periods of personal struggle – not wholly unlike the same sort of turn-around HTC is looking to find for itself.

Source: Bloomberg
Via: Android Spin

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