HTC Rider: Full Specifications Revealed

The HTC Rider, pictured above in full blurry-cam glory has had all it’s specifications revealed thanks to a leaked ROM posted yesterday by 911sniper. HTC Rider looks to be a EurAsian version of the EVO 3D, sharing many specs with the HTC Shooter, which is expected to be the US EVO 3D.

Featuring the Qualcomm MSM8660 platform, HTC Rider will be one of the highest performing, most feature packed retail smartphones to date. Powered by the dual Scorpion 1.2GHz CPUs coupled with the Adreno 220 GPU and 1GB of RAM, the Rider is prepared to handle the most demanding apps and games. The dual core aSMP design allows Rider to run each CPU at a different clock speed/voltage, allowing highly efficient power usage. The display is 4.3-inch qHD (960×540) and fully 3D capable. The rear camera supports eight-megapixels, with dual mode 2D/3D support, capable of full-HD 1080p recording and playback, while the front camera supports 1.3-megapixels in 2D.

Connectivity wise, the chipset is a CDMA world phone with 1700/1900/2100/AWS support. Coupled with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, WiMax, and Bluetooth 3.0 support the device provides a well rounded range of options. Notably, gyroscope support is also included, similar to that coming on newer WP7 hardware. The device calls itself the HTC X515E, possibly its release name on Korea Telecom.

Source: 911Sniper

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