HTC Releases WP7 Magnetic Compass App to Market

While Microsoft has yet to open Windows Phone 7’s compass API to app developers, handset manufacturers have access to more open programming tools. This allows HTC to release the first WP7 magnetic compass app with the HTC Arrive. The app was simultaneously introduced to the marketplace and it was quickly discovered to be compatible with other HTC WP7 devices.

The app prompts you to wave your phone in a figure-eight to calibrate the sensor, then overlays a compass on a map of your current location. The map allows you to select a destination for walking directions, and rotates according to the direction you are facing. So far the application has been shown to run only on HTC devices.

The app is available in .xap form from the XDA link below, the market link, or search the marketplace for “compass”. Reports are that the application will not show up under HTC apps, and the name is sometimes localized to your handset’s language (i.e. a German handset would search “kompass”)

Source: XDA, Zune Marketplace

Via: WMPoweruser

Image Credit: WP7Connect

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